Taste 4: Lobsters and More

3/5 shells

Ed’s Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Ahoy! I was hungry when I was told that there were lobster rolls to be found. My celestial navigation brought us to Ed’s Lobster Bar, a quaint seaside shack “off of Broadway” that serves lobsters and more. No doormat to brush off the sand?

To whet our appetite, there were steamed mussels, with a lobster and fennel broth. For $10, a steaming pile of mussels was brought to our table. Slurping away, we ate each mussel one by one until there were none. Plenty of oyster crackers (and the remainder of a Balthazar baguette) made for good use of the broth. The mussels were fresh, tender, and true to their natural flavor.

Surprisingly, Ed’s Lobster also has lobster on the menu. @Tinyforks tried a lobster roll. Lobster, clawing out of the bun. Their recipe: buttered bun, lobster. Done.

I had the lobster pot pie. A cast iron pot of lobster stew with a whimsical puff pastry on top. Lobsters are market price.

To finish the meal, two lobster chocolates.