Visit to Hog Island’s Renovated Restaurant

Hog Island 1Hog Island Oyster Co’s renovated restaurant offered a larger and more open space for enjoying fresh seafood.  Your seat varies based on availability but we got a chance to sit by the kitchen, colorful and fast paced.




Hog Island 2We started with an assortment of oysters from across the country.  Each one was fresh and slightly briny.  Multiple hot sauces, apple cider vinegar, and lemon was all that was needed.





Hog Island 3Lastly, we finished the meal off with a nice bowl of mussels.  Since we were spying on the kitchen, the recipe appeared to be fresh mussels, tabs of butter infused with herbs, beer, chorizo, and red onion.  Cover and let steam until cooked and ready to serve.

Of course we took the recommended side of fries.